This night is Saturday night you know. I don’t know why I am so bad mood to do something. Such as wedge in my heart [please don’t ask why]. This day Iam also canceling went to kotabaru cause there are graduating ceremony At sabuga. And I promise to arrive in my friends

And when I saw the ceremony, I become wishful to graduate as soon as possible. But actually Iam not yet define the proposal, also the supervisor.hhh…likely I must soon to got those

J got the spirit guys’ Ganbatte’ 

One Comment to “25/10/2008”

  1. Hi there,
    When you are in bad mood, please listen to your deep voice on your heart and asked your self “what is it about? Do I ignore something?’ Then the nest step is don’t wait for moods because your feeling says time to move on and accomplish something, my friend 😉

    Ainy Fauziyah

    thanks sis 🙂

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