Ternyata emang perlu les Inggris’ hehe

kemaren aku nulis blog yang pake inggris katanya tmenku ancur abiss’..huehehe…

karenanya aku minta dia sekalian koreksi mana yang benar’

ini dia koreksi dari blog saya sebelumnya


Honey, I shrunk to kid  >harusnya> I have shrunk (ternyata shrunk itu verb 3)

Well, this oddity happens if I go home. Since I have been in bandung I very rarely go home, only during long holiday and semester vacation.

If I am home, something strange happens to my body. The clothes that I left at home have become too big to fit my body. It’s strange, I remember those clothes (shirt or trouser) fit me when time I left them at home. However, after [A1] less or more about one week, those clothes became smaller and smaller to my body. This phenomenon[A2] does not only happen once, but everytime I go home.at first, I thought It was only my imagination , but later, after I have rethought this phenomenon can be true…(hiiii …is frightening khan???)

Has my body shrunk In my out-of-town life??

Or, maybe my clothes at home grew bigger when i left them??

well, nobody knows

[A1]“but” can’t be used as the first word ina sentence..

[A2]Phenomena is the plural form of phenomenon. Since there is only one phenomenon, we use THIS phenomenon. If you are going to use “phenomena” you must use THESE.

btw , buat eva thanks bgt buat ralatnya…(janji deh akan belajar lagi bhs inggris nya)hehe…(daripada ntar malu)hahaha….

2 Comments to “Ternyata emang perlu les Inggris’ hehe”

  1. Ahahaha… Pake diposting sgala! Malu eke jdnya! Halahh…

  2. Bajuku duluuu, tak beginiii… tapi kini lebih dari cukup lagiii….
    alias tenggelem di baju sendiri….

    Abis begadang di kantor nih, coba deh kamu pulang kampung gung, pasti lagunya jadi persis di iklan…

    Bajuku duluuu, tak beginiii… tapi tak cukup lagiii….

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