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July 10, 2008

Honey, I Shrunk to kid

Well, this oddity happen if I go home. Since I have been abroad in bandung I was very rarely to go home, only in long holiday and semester’s vacation.

If I had at home I usually got a strange that happen to my body. The cloth that I have leave at home looks like growing up so its too big to fit my body. Its strange, that I remember those cloth (shirt or trouser) are fit to me yesterday ( by the time I leave them at home). But by the time I am at home (less more about one week) , those clothes little by little turn fit into my body. This phenomena had happen not only one time, but everytime I go home. I was think Its only my imagination first, but later I have re think that this phenomena is can be true…(hiiii …is frightening khan???)

Have my bodies shrinking In my abroad life??

Or, maybe my cloth at home grew up in that time a have leave them??

well, nobody know’