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March 20, 2008

in harmonia progreessio’ apa itu????

You are the sum of choise that you had chosen…..

You are someone that your brain ever thought….

If you think the life is flow with only the fate this is so wrong. Fate is Giving of God that represent accumulation of struggle that you had. Fate only answer that you ask for with effort. Fate is choise, since you can affect your future yourself. Is no reason that the fate destined by God without reason. Every creatures in this earth is meaningful, with value that conclused that Allah is perfectly measure with this whole space. The measure effect is appeared called “sunnatullah” or in several case can be called as harmony, which include balance of nature, “cause-effect”,physic and material law. Sunnatullah is one where its order in “God laws” in every case or phenomena. No doubt, that’s the “law” above is basic rule of the universe…(after aws)inharmoniaprogressio

so what you meant with”in harmonia progressio” ?? . hmm semboyan yang bener bener hebat menurutku, karena didalamnya berisi sesuatu yang melibatkan sunnatullah. Suatu proses belajar harus berulang dan berkesinambungan, seperti bayi yang belajar merangkak, berdiri, dan berlari…semuanya tidak terjadi secara instan dan begitu saja’ 🙂